At the turn of the 20th century, this Beaux Arts building was home to New York City’s swankiest hotel – allegedly the birthplace of the now ubiquitous Martini – until prohibition ended its illustrious reputation as a centre of hedonism. But nearly a hundred years later, the Knickerbocker is reborn and finds itself yet again at the heart of nightlife and entertainment in the city. We were just steps away from the showtunes of Broadway and the drinking dens of Hell’s Kitchen. From the rooftop bar, St Cloud, we could almost touch the giant crystal ball that rings in each new year for the city. We arrived at the hotel at what was clearly a peak hour and sadly, check-in was unbearably slow as the process is personalised with each guest taking turns to sit at the desk – definitely room for improvement and in our opinion, the staff could have done more to acknowledge that we were waiting. However, once checked in, we found our suite to be chic and contemporary and the bright lights and noise of the streets below disappeared at the press of a curtain-drawing button. But really, the big win lies in the property’s location, because you really can’t get much more Big Apple than this.