Someone asked me today what I wanted for Christmas, that “what do you buy a world traveller with everything,” question. I love the festivities of Christmas, but I have never in my many decades of yuletide ever been concerned about writing to Santa. There are, of course, various reasons for this – 1. I’m always on the naughty list. 2. I prefer surprises. 3. I usually escape wintery London for sunnier climes during the festive period. 4. I’m high on the natural gifts that life brings – haha.

But today something special caught my eye and I think it might just have to be a little Chrimbo gift to myself. Danish audio brand B&O, has launched the top-of-the-range Beoplay H9 headphones, fusing the finest elements from its foremost headphones.
B&O Bang & Olufsen launches new h9 Beoplay Headphones
The H9 offers the OutThere traveller everything he needs and more – offering class-leading features – wireless connectivity, active noise cancellation, great battery life (although at 14 hours it is running 3 hours under Qantas’s new London-Sydney flytime), supreme comfort in the over-ear fit and acoustic isolation, as well as the finest sound B&O PLAY has to offer. Plus it’s extremely aethetically pleasing in a way that only Danish design, namely Bang & Olufsen, can be. No pun intended, but music to my ears, or for, even.