Berlutti pour Krug bag

Berlutti x Krug:
Bubbles in the bag

There are two things sure to catch my eye. Leather goods, particularly those aimed at the jet-set; and champagne. Call me fabulous, but I’m easily persuaded by either. So consider my eyes well and truly caught, because the clever-clogs at Berlutti and Krug have gone one up and embarked on a journey, bringing together both my favourite things.

This match made in heaven started just last year, when Berluti first created a patina, exclusively for Krug. They noticed that Joseph Krug, the founder of the champagne brand had a beloved dark-cherry notebook – his favourite colour in fact – as it had become the signature of the House of Krug, manifesting itself in various guises throughout the years. Berluti artisans were proud to have brought this dark cherry patina into their permanent range of colours, so today lovers of both brands can now request it for their shoes or leather accessories.

Off-the-shelf, just in time for Christmas (hint, hint), Berluti has restyled its emblematic Un Jour briefcase to take the partnership further – creating two limited-edition bags, aptly named ‘Long Journey’ and ‘Short Journey’ (just 100 are available) – the difference being one is larger than the other (with the capacity to carry more Champagne for long-distance travel, you see).

The bag has been designed especially for collectors, like me – but far from just pieces to covet, you’ll be glad to know that they’re functional too. Perhaps your upcoming travels require you to carry bottles of Krug and Joseph glasses, or your pair of Berlutis (plus its care kit too!) – but even on a normal day, its a beautiful, glossy, eye-catching briefcase. And for those who love embelishments, a bag-charm reproducing the iconic shape of a bottle of Krug Champagne.

Bag yours from December at Berluti boutiques worldwide.

Photography courtesy of Berlutti