Men Of Distinction

Dinesh Perera, owner of Mahasen by Foozoo, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Dinesh Perera
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Travel and its culture-blending opportunities were always key inspirations for Colombo native Dinesh Perera. So he ditched a covetable advertising career t...
Stefan Andre Joachim, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Stefan Andre Joachim
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Fashion, and to a lesser extent interior design, is what I have become known for, but my first loves were political science and investigative journalism. I gre...
Shanjei Malraj Perumal in Galle, Sri Lanka

Shanjei Malraj Perumal
Galle, Sri Lanka

I consider myself first and foremost a traveller. And when I travel, I like to indulge. The best way to learn about any place is to meet the people and eat the...
David Ankli, Budapest, Hungary

David Ankli
Budapest, Hungary

I was born in eastern Hungary, but my family moved to Budapest when I was six, so I consider myself a native Budapester.  My business partner Márton Na...

Peter Szucs
Budapest, Hungary

Foreigners made Budapest sexy. Or, at least, they helped a lot. After ‘Goulash Communism’, as the city’s creative energy emerged, the coolest backpackers heade...
Guido Ignatti, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Guido Ignatti
Buenos Aires, Argentina

The internationally acclaimed Argentine artist shares his thoughts on life, work, country and Sauna. Guido Ignatti’s home is the kind of place that ...
Toni Garau, Mallorca, Spain

Toni Garau
Mallorca, Spain

Uncomfortable in his own skin, artist Toni Garau fled his native Mallorca as a troubled teenager, but it was his return to this rocky island as an out man ...
Esteban Mercer Palou, Mallorca, Spain

Esteban Mercer Palou
Mallorca, Spain

I’m Mallorcan born and bred and proud of it. So were my ancestors for generations. I also consider myself a typical Mallorcan and with every day that passes I ...
Alex Poots, The Shed, New York City, USA

Man in the shed
New York City, USA

With a flair for risk-taking and knack for next-level, Scottish-born Alex Poots is one of New York’s most powerful cultural arbiters. In the run-up to the ...
John T Reddick, New York, USA

John T Reddick
New York City

“There’s nothing like being a clued-in stroller navigating Harlem,” says this long-time resident of NYC’s most vibrant neighbourhood. So who better to ask for ...

Ido Cohen
Tel Aviv, Israel

Ido Cohen is a man who knows people. A walk along the tree-lined boulevards of Tel Aviv is punctuated by passers-by shaking his hand, slapping him on the back, ...

Ilan Pivko
Tel Aviv, Israel

It is 10pm on a Tuesday evening, the streets have cooled down a few degrees making the 20-minute walk south from Rothschild Boulevard to Florentin bearable. I f...
Karim Tassi, Marrakech, Morocco

Karim Tassi
Marrakech, Morocco

After a week of getting lost on purpose in the labyrinthine Medina and drinking my body weight in sweet mint tea, I’m happy to find myself in Gueliz, known as ...
Tom Kiely, West Hollywood, California, USA

Tom Kiely
West Hollywood, California, USA

There’s no better way to connect with a new place than by talking to the locals and when those locals also happen to head up the Tourism Board, you know you ar...
Jaime Trias, Mallorca, Spain

Jaime Trias
Mallorca, Spain

As an LGBT+ person, Mallorca is a surprisingly great place to live. Even though it’s a small island, the people here are actually very open-minded and it reall...

John Duran
West Hollywood, California, USA

The Mayor of West Hollywood, ‘Call me John’ Duran’s opening gambit to me goes a little something like this: “Welcome from the people of the City of West Hollyw...
Cazador, Madrid

Osama Chami & Enrique Gimeno
Madrid, Spain

In an unassuming street in the middle of Malasaña, Madrid’s bohemian barrio, an old lady peers through the shutters of her first floor apartment in a quaint, 19...

Stevie Hanley
Chicago, Illinois, USA

“I’m a real irritable asshole; I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I can’t share a studio space with anyone else. I need to masturbate; I need to do crazy things...

Hugh McDermott
Bariloche, Argentina

Hugh is often called Argentina’s gay gaucho, having spent many years traversing the country by horse. Together with his husband, he runs adventure tour company,...

BJ Pascual
Manila, The Philippines

Filipino photographer BJ Pascual is one of Manila’s biggest names. He’s the city’s go-to celebrity fashion photographer whose work has featured on countless mag...

Jake Macapagal
Manila, The Philippines

Like a fine wine, Romano “Jake” Macapagal has reached his prime with maturity. He was recently nominated for a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Theatre Arts) ...
Photograph by Martin Perry

Alberto Manguel
Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you walked past Señor Alberto Manguel in the street in London, you could mistake him for the most English of gentlemen. A handsome, distinguished man in his ...
Philip Cornwel-Smith, Bangkok, Thailand

Philip Cornwel-Smith, Bangkok, Thailand

If you want to reinvent yourself, come to Thailand. For 500 years, my adopted home has been a makeover reality show for adventurers, dealers, hedonists and esca...
Teraj and Barry Hoy, NYC, USA

Teraj and Barry Hoy

T: It was a lifelong goal to move to NYC. I even went to Cornell University because it’s in New York State. I had no idea it was five hours away from NYC by bu...
Patrick Duffy, NYC, USA

Patrick Duffy

Moving to NYC from where I’m from was pretty intense. I felt a bit like a kid in a candy store. At the time, there was an unbridled sense of freedom – at least...
David Lopez, NYC, USA

David Lopez

I flew out to New York for my first-ever visit in September 1998. Immediately, I fell in love with the hustle and bustle. I moved here the following month, jus...
Eric Jennings, NYC, USA

Eric Jennings

The fashion scene in New York is a bit grittier and darker in colour than in other cities I visit. Here, there’s a willingness to experiment with your look – w...
Aurelio Giordano, New York City, USA

Aurelio Giordano

New York has completely shaped me into the person I am today. Even though the area I grew up in was predominantly Italian, I had a mix of friends: Puerto Rican...
Cesar Cigliutti CHA

Cesar Cigliutti
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Thirty-two years ago, I met a great man: Carlos Jáuregui, then the President of the newly created Comunidad Homosexual Argentina (CHA). We became friends and be...
Jakkai Siributr

Artistic Thai
Jakkai Sitibutr

Jakkai Siributr is one of Thailand's most notable artists. He lives between Thai art’s spiritual home of Chiang Mai and the contemporary scene in Bangkok, worki...