Cookson’s first trip out to Iceland

Are you still talking green shoots? Well, at Cookson Adventures, they’re staring at the post-COVID tree! We have learnt that after months of being grounded, the luxury adventure company has set off on an action-packed escape to Iceland. The destination was selected for its seclusion (and its inherent opportunities for adventure travel) with every precaution looked after.

Guests flew by private jet charter for this epic 8-day escape, landing at a secluded airport situated near a private lodge. The journey goes to show that you need not sacrifice safety in “the new norm”. With heightened and precisely planned securities measures, activities included ATV rides along black sand beaches, ice caving and snorkelling alongside humpback whales. OutThere adventurers were helicoptered into various locations for the activities, which included sightseeing Alderjayfoss, Europe’s most powerful waterfall, as well as lava fields and epic beauty spots for hiking, mountain bike riding and al fresco dining. It reminds us of the time we hiked the Laugavegur Trail!

Cookson staff provided a hands-free approach as possible throughout the trip, leaving the magic of nature to do its work.

Photography courtesy of Cookson Adventures