When I ask OutThere travellers what some of their biggest challenges are when they travel, ‘currency exchange’ comes up a lot. Constantly fluctuating rates, not to mention the vast differences in fees and rates (and even circumstance) between forex operators across the world can be super confusing, not to mention cost-inefficient on your wallet.

I remember being on a plane to Houston, just as Brexit happened, to find that I had lost 35 cents to each pound by the time I had landed. And I’m also one of those people who is so used to my airmiles-enabling credit card on holiday, I’m gleeful that I’m racking up the points while I spend, but I’m woefully just as aware that each time I swipe, from a New York Taxi, to a shopping spree in Holt Renfrew in Toronto, I’m incurring a fairly hefty percentage over and above the already less than favourable exchange rate.

That’s why I’m welcoming of FinTech company GLOBCOIN. Created by a team of Foreign Exchange professionals, the platform is a multi-currency payment solution, to enable anyone making purchases or transferring money to do so safely and be in-control. In the form of a Platinum Mastercard and corresponding mobile app, it allows us global nomads to quickly and transparently transfer, convert and shop abroad without incurring hidden bank charges and additional exchange fees. It gives the jet-set direct access to the Forex market at unbeatable rates in a matter of seconds via the mobile-app. Once you get going, you’ll be given up to 6 e-wallets, each with its own currency – at the moment Pound Sterling, Euro, US Dollar, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar and Polish Zloty – and you’re able to transfer money from your bank account, allowing you to plan and effectively manage your travel spending, but more so ‘play the Forex game’ much more intelligently and in real-time. Additionally, if you’re constantly on the go, or an expat, you can have your wages paid into the e-wallet of your choice via an international bank account number (IBAN).

The credit card is an added bonus – beyond all the perks that Mastercard provides, it recognises the ‘local’ currency at point of payment.