Trancoso, Brazil:
The Ultimate Hideaway

“The charms of Trancoso, Brazil aren’t lost on its locals, ask any of them where the best place in the world to live is and the answer will consistently be “Trancoso!” Its outstanding natural beauty is accompanied by a vibrant, artisanal industry, supported in no small part by the steady stream of wealthy, adventurous visitors. It’s a place with a tolerant and forward-looking philosophy on life that fosters individual expression, but where community is central. It is as close to paradise as you’ll get.”

For nearly half a millennium, Trancoso was left to its own devices with very little outside involvement. Then colonisation reared its head and changed the fabric of its society forever. With that, came an influx of West African slaves to the area, bringing with it a whole new history and culture. After the horrors passed, the destination lay in wait and in search of free-spirit and escapism, the hippies came and this resultant mish-mash of cultures made Trancoso a truly eclectic melting pot – diverse, tolerant, liberal and effortlessly beautiful, not to mention photogenic.

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Photography by Martin Perry, in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil