Phang Nga Bay, Thailand.
Phang Nga Bay offers arresting views - bring a wide angle lens.

June Bahtra:
Romancing Phang Nga Bay

Ask any experientialist and they will tell you Thailand is a country blessed with stunning natural beauty. Though we love its evergreen jungles and sprawling beaches, one particular site holds a special place in our hearts: the awe-inspiring karst formations of Phang Nga Bay.

While there are many ways of visiting the bay, we found one to be simply outstanding. The June Bahtra – a cruiser, originally designed for groups of up to 30 – can now be privatised and turned into a romantic affair for any OutThere couple. We were just as mesmerised by the wine and dine experience aboard this traditional Chinese junk as we were of the pastel-coloured sunset views.

While we got to visit all of the bay’s iconic sites, we never found ourselves surrounded by hordes of tourists; and as we were particularly keen to get as bespoke as possible, the crew suggested checking out the pristine shores of fabled James Bond Island from ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ (you bet we tried finding the entrance to Scaramanga’s hideout). The striking islet can be described as a poster child of karst formations – we especially adored the otherworldly-looking Koh Ta Pu, a 20-metre tall rock vertically protruding majestically from the shallow waters surrounding it.