Each new year’s eve in Key West, Florida, infamous OutThere resident Gary Marion (whose alter-ego is the larger than life drag-queen, ‘Sushi’) gets ‘dropped’ in a giant red high-heel shoe on Duval Street. While she is notorious for seeing in the new year each year, she and many other drag performers can commonly be found working the bars and putting on almost nightly shows in this US LGBT+ hotspot. However as the COVID-19 crisis hits and the scene is closed to shut-down, Sushi and her team of drag idols are instead making some 500 colourful cloth masks each and every day, to help the community – not just in Key West, but all over the world – protect themselves against the virus.

Find out more about the super-friendly destination of Key West, in the Florida Keys, a perfect way to plan a visit after this is all over, and to understand the power of community that’s at the heart of the island. www.fla-keys.co.uk

Watch the inspirational video here:

Key West drag queen Sushi and friends make facemasks