Kifs of all ages will enjoy the Six Senses Laamu Maldive Junior Marine Biology Programme

Six Senses Laamu:
Swim up to marine biology 101

The marine biologists at the Six Senses Laamu in the Maldives have us hooked on their own take on distance-learning. Although it is intended for children, their online Junior Marine Biology course has us absolutely enamoured, explaining underwater sustainability and the life aquatic in a simple way. It’s not Blue Planet, by any means, but entertaining and educational nevertheless.

You can brush up on your knowledge with sea-going factoids like Manta ray dancing and parrot-fish pooping, as well as understanding (it’s all in line with, after all) the paradise resort’s approach to conservation. It’s a 10-week programme, but don’t worry if you’ve skipped class so far, you can still catch up as everything is pre-recorded.

Plus, Lawrence and the gang there at the Six Senses Laamu who are social distancing out in the ocean, could do with the company.

Image courtesy of Six Senses

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