Five Star Greece presents lessons in rebetiko Greek music

Discover the art of Rebetiko with Five Star Greece

We’re thrilled to continue our total immersion in Greek culture, with more Five Star Greece masterclasses. This week, he joins Pavlos and Co, close friends of the upscale villa company (who has taught us to cook and dance like a Greek) to learn about one of the most iconic Greek music genres – Rebetiko. Classified in 2017 by UNESCO on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (yes, we learn something new every day too!), it is a musical and cultural practice of free form expression linked to song and dance, that gained much popularity in the earliest 20th century and still forms a strong part of Greek culture today.

This multi-part musical journey can be found on Five Star Greece’s Facebook page.

Photography by Constantinos Panogopoulos

You can also watch part one, here: