Chef Kapoor is the Executive Sous-Chef at the ITC Rajputna, with a culinary philosophy and outlook to life rooted in seeking happiness from all that is around her.

Make a visit to Maniharon ka Rasta, one of the traditional bazaars in the city. You’ll be able to pick up a fresh batch of ‘hing kachori’, a deep fried, savoury snack filled with a spicy mix of onions or potatoes that is synonymous with Jaipur.

If you have a sweet tooth, ‘Doodh ke Ladoo’ is a must-try. Ladoos are traditional Indian sweets. In Jaipur, the ‘boondi’ (tiny, fried, spherical dumpling) is made from reduced milk that gives it its sweetness and brown colour. Available everywhere.

The traditional block printing of Jaipur can also be seen on household linen, bed sheets and tablecloths. Sikar House is a favourite amongst the locals to pick up a bedspread in silk with gold block prints for that luxe look.