Visit Finland urges you to Rent a Finn to #KeepYourMindTravelling

Rent a Finn in Finland

We’ve been having fun with Visit Finland’s new social media initiative, “Rent a Finn” that offers a somewhat voyeuristic glimpse in on the natural way of life and daily routines of Finnish people, designed to #KeepYourMindTravelling and offer a happy and positive outlook to everything that is going on a the moment.

After all, Finland was chosen by the United Nations as the world’s chirpiest country for what is now the third year. The country’s tourism board has long been touting the Finnish way of life and the secrets to its happiness, but this new concept offers live streams on food, relaxation and wellness, plus you can apply for an exclusive one-to-one session with a selection of virtual happiness guides, each a specialist in a specific topic. Not to mention, Finns are a good-looking bunch of people too, so it’s a no brainer really.

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Photography by Tommaso Fornoni / Unsplash and courtesy of Visit Finland