Just like the ultimate comeback queen herself, Italy is rebounding around as a destination, vying to get our attentions after its few months of bad press. And there’s just so much to love and live in Italy, but the #Experientialist understands that travellers may still be a little wary.

So here’s our hot tip, if you’re looking for seclusion and keen to explore beautiful parts of Italy in the ‘new normal’, and in your own, not to mention exciting way, consider somewhere like the Amalfi Coast, or Sardinia, by sea. The west Mediterranean, often called ‘Italian Riviera’ as an example, is utterly charming. With its long season, awe-inspiring landscapes and versatile pitstops (let along the people, history and food!), it is guaranteed to captivate and titillate intrepid post-lockdown explorers.

Our friends at Ahoy Club, the yacht charter company that trades on “any yacht, anywhere at the best possible price” has over 1,400 yachts to charter in the country and has put together a handy guide to yacht chartering in the Italian Riviera. In fact, it has destination guides on many other great sailing destinations, from Queensland to the Caribbean, and Ahoy share their hottest tips each week (not to mention deals as the yachts come out to launch again) for OutThere travellers… and from our inspection, the recently reopened maritime zones like Italy, Greece, Croatia and Balearics are all great bets.

So put on some white shorts and deck shoes – and take to the open seas sailor! We’ll be seeing you there.

Find out more at www.ahoyclub.com

Photography by Tanja Cotoaga / Unsplash