Tumi Attache
The TUMI Tegra-Lite™ attaché – well thought through, sleek, protective carrier made from thermoplastics used in NASCAR racecars and  armour for NFL players.

PenhaligonsPENHALIGON’S London Sartorial fragrance – a spicy, classy, elemental and woody scent. Its 1.8 ounce bottle size is perfect for the gentleman traveler.

TumiThe TUMI Ticon clutch – an understated, yet stylish personal piece for all your travel documents, with Tumi’s very own ID-lock™ technology to keep them protected.Aesop

The AESOP jetset kit – the one-pack answer for all you need to revitalise, reinvigorate and freshen up after that long haul flight.

Bayan AudioBAYAN AUDIO StreamPort™ universal audio adapter – this nifty little box lets you stream your music wirelessly from media players.

TissotThe TISSOT Visodate watch – classically elegant, simple and versatile, won’t be out of place at both a business meeting or a cocktail party.

Oliver PeoplesOLIVER PEOPLES XXV-S Storm sunglasses – Perfect for meeting your adoring fans, when you step
out of first class onto the aerobridge.

Karl LagerfeldA KARL LAGERFELD travel tote – clever… at first you’d think this is a wallet, but zip it open and out unfolds a spare tote bag. Great for the traveling shopaholic.

Dunhill penA DUNHILL Sidecar palladium plated pen – perfect for filling those immigration forms in with style.