Ship to shore
Sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico


The inside track

Jessika Picinich

Jessika Picinich is an expedition leader at UnCruise Adventures. With a degree in marine geology and geophysics, she has years of wilderness-guiding experience, in addition to her work as a rescue diver, ski patrol and biologist.


At Los Islotes early in the morning, you can slip into the water with the pups from a sea-lion colony. Those who wish to can snorkel with them. They’re curious and love to play, swimming quickly towards, then veering away at the last moment, bubbles blowing through their whiskers.


In Bahia Agua Verde, take a burro ride led by a local ranchero and family. Trekking to the canyons and mountains by mule is a fantastic way to explore the real Baja, an authentic experience that brings you through desert, beaches and a secret green oasis. 


The hiking in this region is fantastic, so take advantage of that at Isla San Francisco. I recommend doing the ridge hike, where the steep red bluffs and rocky arroyos provide stunning 360º views over the Sea of Cortez to the east and the canyon-like Baja to the west.