La Orana! Manuia! We have been brushing up on his “Reo Tahiti”, the language spoken on the French Polynesian Island, as he was slated to visit just before the lockdown happened. But fascinated with the language and culture of the island out in the South Pacific, he’s been continuing his online lessons courtesy of Speak Tahiti Paru Paru. Suitable for kids; and kids like us of adult age, there are lots of ways to learn – games, videos and songs, but there are also more immersive experiences should you want to go deeper until you can get to paradise for real.

If you’re more into body language, you can master the subtle and seductive art of Tahitian dance with coach Perla Renvoye on her Facebook page.

Tahiti welcomes the OutThere travellers with open arms, it is one of the first and only places in the South Pacific – alongside Bora Bora – to celebrate equal marriage. The island also recognises ‘Mahu’ – people who don’t conform to either gender binary.

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Photography by Rowan Heuval / Unsplash