You’ve heard of tracking the big five on safari, but The Safari Collection has taken the experience to a whole other level, straight out of ‘Jurassic Park’.

This leading expert in luxury East African tailor-made safaris took us on a journey to Kenya’s Lake Turkana National Park,­ a location that is world-famous with leading archaeologists. After flying in by helicopter via the Matthews Range over the Northern Frontier and cycad forests, we met one of Africa’s leading palaeontologists, Dr. Louise Leakey. She guided us through the singing wells of Ngurenet and her work at the Turkana Basin Institute Research Centre, where we travelled back in time at a live fossil dig. We didn’t discover any dinosaur remains (we quite fancied the thought of an OutThere-a-saurus), but made up for it on a trip to The Safari Collection’s lodge in Samburu where we spotted majestic creatures of our time.