Hong Kong luxury properties band together under the Heritage Tourism Brands Group to launch campaign to showcase the city

Hong Kong: A touch of love

The beautiful and resilient harbour city of Hong Kong has long been a storied, international melting pot of cultures and influences, so it’s no wonder that despite the challenges it has experienced in the last year, it remains a firm favourite with OutThere travellers. But no one has more love for the city than the people (and brands) that call it home, so it’s rather fitting that a collection of the city’s most prestigious luxury properties and the flagship carrier Cathay Pacific have banded together under the ‘Heritage Tourism Brands Group’ (all hotels we know and love) to showcase just how amazing a city it is.

The initiative starts home-grown, featuring “Our Home,” a video to inspire locals to showcase the city’s beautiful and diverse spirit, and to reconnect its populous with what it is that makes it unique … sure to create a halo with international visitors who know and love the destination and perhaps even draw first-timers to its shores when the time comes. And the video is set to the soundtrack of infamous OutThere singer, Jackie Cheung’s “Touch of Love”, bringing our #Experientialist-in-Chief’s (and we’re sure many other OutThere travellers of Chinese descent) Canto-pop childhood memories flooding back.

But the heartwarming thing about this story is really how all these brands, often seen as competitors and banding together. Smells like team spirit. And we love it.

The Heritage Tourism Brands Group are made out of the following brands:

Cathay Pacific
Harilela Hotels
The Langham Hotels & Resorts
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
Shangri-la Hotels & Resorts
Swire Hotels
The Peninsula Hotels
Wharf Hotels

Watch the video below.