After my flight of fancy with UberCopter and arriving like a true superstar at the Cannes film festival last year, I’m a rotor-limo convert. And this year, Uber‘s helicopter offering reaches new heights in the USA (they’ve called it UberChopper, just cos) with some fantastic services launching to various events across the nation, to help VIP attendees arrive in style.

UberCopter in Cannes
UberChopper’s European equivalent, UberCopter was my Cannes Film Festival highlight last year

If you’re heading to Coachella this year, UberChopper is the way to get there and beat the crawl into the Coachella Valley. Through their partnership with BLADE, you and five friends can soar through the desert. If you happen to be in Los Angeles or Orange County, or have friends in high places, you can reserve your helicopter simply by opening the Uber app. At $4,170 per trip one-way (that’s $695 a person if you’ve already opened the app and can’t switch to calculator on your phone), you’ll be whizzing your way to the landing pad like the jet set.

So what happens? Well, on the day of your reservation, an UberSUV will pick you up from your designated location and take you to the BLADE lounge at Van Nuys Airport. If you’re scared of flying, fear not as an open-bar with Casamigos Tequila will soon calm your nerves, before you board an Airbus EC-130 chopper. An hour later, you’ll touch down at Indio for more cocktails and an UberSUV will be standing by to take you to the festival site.

This is just one fabulous way to get high at Coachella.