Vintage Projector by Noom Peerapong / Unsplash

Watch: Shortfest Palm Springs

Short-film fans, we have some news. Because you will have missed this summer’s fix of the Palm Spring’s International Short Film Festival, a.k.a. Shortfest 2020, cinephiles can tune in to some of the top films from this year’s selection on Shortfest Spotlight – an online iteration showcasing some of the top films that headlined at the festival in recent years, with new additions added every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

From Joey Ally’s Joy Joy Nails to Laura Checkoway’s Edith + Edie, there’s plenty to chose from. While it’s no replacement for a silver-screen sojourn to the desert, it will #KeepYourMindTravelling until that day comes again.

And if you’re looking for somewhere to stay when you’re next in Palm Springs, consider the retro-tastic Villa Royale to get you into the mood of the place, and find out more about how its a mecca for modernism.

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Photography by Noom Peerapong / Unsplash