All your Tarzan fantasies will come true at this Phuket property with a difference. On this party island characterised by sandy beaches and beach clubs, the Keemala offers up something entirely unique. Perched high in the trees are avant-garde birds nests, indigenously inspired clay cottages and tent pool villas offering spectacular views and highly Instagrammable moments. Nestled in lush, Thai tropical forest just a short drive from the hedonism of Patong, the resort aims to take its guests away from it all. And we can’t deny that’s what we enjoyed during our time in the Keemala.

Our two-bedroom tree house with step-out plunge-pool seemed like it was suspended from the canopy, the perfect place to experience the absolute serenity of the resort. The suite was unconventionally appointed. In our view, it was lacking a communal dwelling area, more suited two separate couples willing to share a bathroom. It would suit friends travelling together or a family perhaps, but it still lacks living space. But nothing about the Keemala was conventional, so we just went with the flow.

The property’s spa was quite the treat after our long journey, with treatments fusing local rituals and global holistic therapies. The restaurant offered delicious cuisine, leaning away from Thai food and offering up Himalayan salt brick grilling instead.

But really what made this property special was the setting and its whimsical design, you could walk around the forest for hours and awe at everything that is natural and the things that are architecturally not. It really is like living in a mythical, story-book village – we guarantee that you’ll never forget your stay here.