Bodrum, Turkey

Return to the riviera
Bodrum, Turkey

Jenny Southan’s return to the Turkish Riviera proves that it is not a ‘once in a lifetime’ kind of place. Sometimes, returning to a place you revere...
Alex Poots, The Shed, New York City, USA

Man in the shed
New York City, USA

With a flair for risk-taking and knack for next-level, Scottish-born Alex Poots is one of New York’s most powerful cultural arbiters. In the run-up to the ...
Venice, Italy

Scent and the city
Venice, Italy

Teresa Levonian Cole follows her nose around Venice. In a hidden alleyway of Cannaregio, the northernmost of the six historic sestieri (districts) o...
Marfa, Texas, USA

Not just deserts
Marfa, Texas, USA

Clark Harding discovers that Marfa is not your average Texan town. I still maintain it was a Poodle… I’m driving through El Paso just after sunse...
New york city, act of darling

Acts of daring
New York City

When it comes to New York City’s alternative-cabaret scene, nobody knows their ‘alt-alt’ from their ‘alt’ better than Michael Musto. Here, he uncovers a world ...
David Hawkins, New York Queer history

The queer history of New York City

Words by Andrew Lear. New York city’s gay scene was thrust prominentiy into the public eye in 1969 after riots at a greenwich Village bar. but its existence...
the surrey, New York, USA

Hip hotels
New York City

Luxury-hotel aficionado Uwern Jong discusses this year’s OutThere hotel-and-travel trends and what some of New York City’s best hospitality brands are doing to...
John T Reddick, New York, USA

John T Reddick
New York City

“There’s nothing like being a clued-in stroller navigating Harlem,” says this long-time resident of NYC’s most vibrant neighbourhood. So who better to ask for ...
Uwern Jong, New York, USA

The Modern Concierge
New York City

Whether it’s chartering a private plane for a pooch or arranging an illicit encounter with an off-duty policeman, New York concierges are well used to pand...
Kaiden Ford New Ford I am not she but he

A brighter future
New York City

Twenty-one-year-old Latino poet KAIDEN FORD celebrates the legacy of the Stonewall uprising by taking us on a journey through his city, where he meets Mila...

A path to happiness

Along Iceland's Laugavegur Trail, the accommodation is sparse and basic and the tracks themselves are tough, but it's here that Zack Cahill discovers the t...
Photography courtesy of Via Rail

Land cruise

It’s like I’m floating through a leafy nebula. Colours are whisking by in blurry comets: reds, oranges and hazy yellows. I have a 360-degree view of it all...

Preserving history
Anegundi, India

Dawn in Anegundi can only be described as operatic. The stage is the southern bank of the Tungabhadra River. From the little I can see on this dark November mor...

Soul Mining
Park City, USA

"Behold, the elkupine!” I’ve been in Park City for all of an hour when Jeremy, my waiter at the cosy Silver Star Café, bares a freshly inked deltoid to reveal a...

Expanding Horizons
Vancouver, Canada

I don’t jog. It reminds me of the punishing cross country runs that I was forced to do at school. Cold air stinging your windpipe, frozen bare legs, and grazed ...

Ido Cohen
Tel Aviv, Israel

Ido Cohen is a man who knows people. A walk along the tree-lined boulevards of Tel Aviv is punctuated by passers-by shaking his hand, slapping him on the back, ...

Ilan Pivko
Tel Aviv, Israel

It is 10pm on a Tuesday evening, the streets have cooled down a few degrees making the 20-minute walk south from Rothschild Boulevard to Florentin bearable. I f...

Winter’s tale
Gothenburg, Sweden

It’s a crisp December afternoon. The propeller beneath me churns the calm, cold, deep blue water of the North Sea into a long, white line stretching back to Sal...

Paradise Found
Transcoso, Brazil

Three handsome young waiters, all brothers, are professionally busying themselves around me, taking orders, answering questions and freely chatting to their gue...

Watch: Narcissus Lost

Videography by Hank Hill Art Direction by Martin Perry Styling by Tony Vous Model: Tristan Ghostkeeper Grooming by Thom Robins Shot on location in British ...
Legendary London, London, United Kingdom

Legendary London
London, United Kingdom

Photography by David Edwards Styling by David Hawkins at Frank Agency Creative direction by Martin Perry Model Robert Knighton at Next Management Grooming by Br...
The cultured state, Illinois, USA

The cultured state
Illinois, USA

Photography and Art Direction by Martin Perry Styling by Meghan Castellari at Ford Artists Model: Clint Barnard at Factor Chosen Chicago Shot on location in Ill...
Son of the sun, Lake Como, Italy

Son of the sun
Lake Como, Italy

Photography by David Edwards Styling by David Hawkins at Frank Agency Creative direction by Martin Perry Model Stefano Maderna at I Love Models Management, Mila...

Outside the box
Akko, Israel

Uri Jeremiah, the celebrity restauranteur and hotelier credited with bringing a new level of sophistication to the living museum that is the city of Akko, says ...

Unity Temple
Oak Park, Illinois

As a designer I’m a sucker for good design. I also love Modernist architecture. So here in Chicago, I’m - in a very real sense - spoilt for choice. This is my f...

Homecoming Queen
Madrid, Spain

Madrid is my hometown, but I don’t spend as much time here as I should. It’s been five minutes since I landed in Barajas and already the smell gets to me – I’m ...
La dulce vida, Madrid, Spain

La dulce vida
Madrid, Spain

Photography and Art Direction by Martin Perry Styling by Manuel Contardo Grooming by Eugenia Gerasimova Model: Nahuel Casares at Uno Models Shot on location in ...
Cazador, Madrid

Osama Chami & Enrique Gimeno
Madrid, Spain

In an unassuming street in the middle of Malasaña, Madrid’s bohemian barrio, an old lady peers through the shutters of her first floor apartment in a quaint, 19...
The traveller, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The traveller
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Photography by David Edwards Styling by Atinan Nitisunthonkul Creative Direction by Martin Perry Model Rod Mabin Shot on location at Dhara D...

Stevie Hanley
Chicago, Illinois, USA

“I’m a real irritable asshole; I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I can’t share a studio space with anyone else. I need to masturbate; I need to do crazy things...
Manila, Philippines

Manila magic
Manila, Philippines

Photography by BJ PASCUAL Styling by NOEL MANAPAT Creative Direction by MARTIN PERRY Model JAKE MACAPAGAL Grooming by OMAR ERMITA Photographer’s assistants DAM...

The gay gaucho
Corrientes, Argentina

Hugh MacDermott’s escape to Argentina from England was epic. Inspired by the book Tschiffely’s Ride, the story of one long-rider’s 10,000 mile journey from Arge...
Water boys, London, United Kingdom

Water boys
London, United Kingdom

Photography by Nicholas Andrews Styling by David Hawkins at Frank Agency Grooming by Giles Gooden Models Gareth Taylor & Stephen Falck Shot o...

Heart of Illinois
Galena, Illinois, USA

We were both born in the Midwest and though we’ve had the opportunity to travel throughout the country, we can’t think of any better place to live in than Galen...

State of a fair
Springfield, Illinois, USA

The Illinois State Fair is very much a part of the State’s identity – an authentic, annual celebration of rural Midwestern culture. As a child growing up in Ill...
Sababa, Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel

Photography and Art Direction by Martin Perry Styling by Natalie Czyzyk Model: Chen Jerbi, Passion Management Grooming by May Lee Shop the brands: Armani Ba...
Neuromancer, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Photography Apichart Chichulla Styling Pop Kampol Grooming Jnadhip Phimpthong Digital Image Pitakchat Keawbanyang Photographer's Assistants Somprat Arreruk ...