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At OutThere, values matter. When we launched our brand in 2010, we did so with the desire to create the kind of publication we’d always wanted to read, but never seemed to find on newsstands. A magazine that was truly inclusive and told stories about the people of our community around the globe, who worked in the industries we admired: arts, travel, hospitality, and many more. From the start, OutThere set the bar high to inspire readers to go beyond the mainstream, explore further-afield destinations, immerse themselves in the colourful cultures of the world without fear or prejudice, and return home with a new-found appreciation for the countless facets of nature and diversity of human expression.

A lot has happened since 2009 and though the world might look much the same from afar, the situation on the ground has changed in many ways. Advancements in technology, social justice movements and the challenges brought about by an ever more densely populated planet have left no doubt as to how important it is to define who we are, what we want to say and take a stand on the topics that matter in the 21st century. Since launching our brand, we’ve continuously refined our values and identity and we strive to implement them across everything that carries our name, from the quarterly print magazine to our online presence, social media channels and much-talked-about campaigns we’ve created in collaboration with partners in luxury travel and hospitality.

Above all, we are rooted in three key values: diversity, discovery and discernment.


We believe that to see our world in its entirety, we must look at it from every angle. Hence, OutThere is committed to representing a wide variety of voices not simply as a matter of inclusion, but to offer a platform for those whose stories have gone untold for too long. Through our language, imagery, commissioning and the brands we work with, we give representation not only to our core audience, the LGBTQ+ community but also to people of different races, ethnicities, religious backgrounds, ages and more. We also embrace ‘intersectionality’ – understanding that people today are not just part of one social group.

By doing this, we seek to help dismantle the kind of prejudice that continues to shape the experience of people of diverse backgrounds everywhere. Learn more about the steps we take to do this here.


At OutThere, we believe in the freedom of anyone to visit wherever they like in the world. It has been our understanding from the start that some of the most profound and transformative experiences on offer whilst on the road are to be had in destinations that take travellers beyond the beach and into the mountains, deserts and jungles – including urban ones. Though we certainly know how to savour the luxuries of a five-star Manhattan hotel, we believe the finer things in life aren’t restricted to butler service and Michelin-starred cuisine. In the spirit of discovery, we’ve taken an experiential approach to our travels, visiting and reporting back from the African savannah, Asian archipelagos, South American mountain ranges and the edge of the world, Antarctica. We do, however, also appreciate that some destinations pose challenges to travellers of diverse backgrounds, and we encourage informing yourself and acting respectfully towards local cultures and sensitivities on all your journeys.

Learn more about why we travel limitlessly here.


Travel is evolving and so should every business in the industry. When we started our magazine, many of today’s most relevant ideas and concepts were mere buzzwords, somewhat lacking in definition and purpose. At OutThere, whenever we recommend something to our readers, it is our job to discern what makes a destination authentic and a hotel ‘boutique’. We are therefore committed to looking at the qualifiers behind travel and hospitality with an ever-critical eye. Crucially, we put a special emphasis on asking whether any brand’s potential to help make a positive impact in the world has been put to good use. This is not least because we recognise our special responsibility as a travel title to promote holidays that are responsible, give back to local communities and are aligned with the highest sustainability standards.

For more on why we endorse positive-impact travel and discernment throughout the industry, read our sustainability statement here.

OutThere values