“Oh, you’re staying at the Watermelon,” a Paulistano friend proclaimed whilst we sipped coffee in Rua Oscar Freire. We had arrived to the city after the long flight from London, so we were a little confused by his comment. But on returning to the hotel that afternoon, we soon understood.

The Hotel Unique’s architecture is quirky, to say the least. It’s striking crescent shape does make it look like a watermelon indeed and its ship-like porthole windows double as watermelon seeds. The hotel brings a whole new meaning to luxury hospitality in Brazil. Far more international and design led (it is a Design Hotel, after all) than its competitors, the décor is stylish and modern (high ceilings, dark elevators) eccentric, playful and sexy.

Skye, the hotel’s rooftop space to check out the city’s chic-set.