Kyoto rules
Kyoto, Japan


The inside track

Shiho-san was previously the International Sales Director for the Hotel Granvia Kyoto, the first hotel in Japan to offer traditional Japanese wedding packages to same-gender couples.


Yorozu Enraku – it’s not easy to find, but once you do you’re rewarded by delicious Kyoto cuisine in a truly authentic setting in old-world Gion, which can be hard to find in many of the more touristy places around town.


Gion Yata – an old machiya, this is a restaurant townhouse on a traditional street in Gion. Upstairs, there’s a speakeasy type bar that serves meticulously poured drinks for those in the know. You can thank us later.


Fushimi Inari Shrine is one of the most important Shinto shrines, with beautiful, bright red pillars flanking a long stairwell to the top. To get the best pictures, keep walking up as most tourists will only venture so far.