Swarovski Optik digital guide 'dG'

Swarovski Optik:
Bird’s-eye view


You might not sense it just yet, but spring is around the corner and we’re getting all fuzzy with the thought of heading out into the meadows and woods beyond London’s city limits (we have something of a love affair with the northern parts of this island). And much to our delight, we’ve found a new toy to take on our hikes.

If like us, you’re into wildlife-watching, Swarovski Optik have just announced the launch of what we predict will become the season’s most coveted must-have tech gadget: the dG (digital guide), a long-range optical device, 13 MP camera and intelligent piece of software all at once. Intrigued? So were we.

The device, which is set to launch in April, will feature a magnifying factor of 8 promising to get you all that much closer to whatever wildlife you’ve got your eyes on – if you’re out to spot brown bears waking from hibernation in Canada’s Yukon territory, you’ll be grateful to be able to get a good glimpse from afar. Back in the UK, we’ll happily stick to deer and sparrows instead.

To get wildlife enthusiasts especially excited about the dG, Swarosvki Optik have equipeed the high-tech binoculars with a built-in technology transferring images and videos onto users’ phones and into corresponding wildlife recognition apps, revealing a world of knowledge and data at the push of a button – call us Attenborough, will you?


Photography courtesy of Swarovski Optik

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