View of the Petronas Twin Tower and KLCC from the Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


As Kuala Lumpur continues its rise as one of the world’s most cultural destinations, especially in the minds of Asia-philes, the Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur presents a contemporary, luxury hotel choice for those searching for an internationally-minded, urban resort in the city. For discerning OutThere travellers, the hotel is not just a destination, but a revelation.

‘It’s the Malaysia of the future’, said the bartender at Bar Trigona as he presented us with an impeccably made libation. The luxury concept cocktail club and elevated social hub at the Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur has become as much of a destination and place to be seen as the hotel itself.

It’s hard to disagree, as we looked around the room at the snazzily dressed locals who rubbed shoulders with expats and visitors alike. They gave the impression of people who lived their life to its fullest, all against the backdrop of the decadent, avant-garde space. Out of the stately, wrap-around glass windows, was a dramatic view of the dazzling ultra-modern KLCC cityscape, including the iconic Petronas Twin Towers… just for that added, special, sense of place.

On the surface, Bar Trigona is that top-of-the-list, must-visit bar, perfectly at home in any major world capital. But know what you’re looking at beyond the symphonic, contemporary interior design and you’ll see details – textures, motifs and materials – that are quintessential signatures of Malaysian craft. This localness even seeps into its name, ‘Trigona’. At first, we thought there was a Mediterranean ring to it, and technically, we were right: it stems from the ancient Greek language. But actually, the bar’s name is inspired by the genus of stingless honeybees, endemic to Southeast Asia and key to the region’s eco-stability. The visionary mixologists at Bar Trigona use the bees’ sticky, tangy honey as a key ingredient in their cocktails (try the bar’s ‘honey flights’). They are also inspired by their hive-mentality, which helps the team at the Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur inform the bar’s sustainable ethos… in giving back, protecting and promoting the importance of the insects to the environment and regional biodiversity. It’s not just all about bees; the bar’s drinks menu also has touches of local, often foraged, flavours: ube (purple yam), jambu (rose apple), pandan leaf, kunyit (turmeric), finger limes, achar (pickled vegetable brine) and kicap manis (caramel soy), designed to entice and tantalise the most curious of palates.

It’s no wonder that Bar Trigona has quickly risen in the ranks to be placed consecutively year after year among the continent’s top cocktail bars. It is lauded by the various bartending powers as ‘Malaysia’s Best Bar.’ We’re not usually ones to be steered by accolades, but we found every drink (we had many!) to have a delicious story, told through a blend of local ingredients and international techniques, reflecting Kuala Lumpur’s position at the global crossroads.

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While you’re Out There
Be sure to take a picture of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers for the (Insta)gram. It’s not easy to perfectly frame all 88 stories and their spires in your photograph, but wander into the KLCC park just outside the hotel and you’ll find the perfect vantage point. Be aware that with Malaysia’s climate, any time spent outside can be challenging, especially if you’re not used to the intense humidity. For a respite, we recommend popping into the gargantuan six-floor Suria KLCC shopping mall, right beneath the towers. Suria KLCC is the city’s premier shopping centre with over 300 flagship stores, entertainment outlets and eateries.

The Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur is dedicated to contemporary internationalism, evident not only in Bar Trigona but throughout the hotel. Culinary offerings span the globe, from the authentic Cantonese delights at Yun House and the international buffet at Curate, to the Lounge at Four Seasons with its all-day dining from the corners of the world (we sampled its elevated local bites – the lobster nasi lemak was stand-out and a much-needed comfort food after a long flight), each dining experience is a journey of its own.

The hotel’s Spa in Kuala Lumpur incorporated Eastern and Western wellness philosophies and offered treatments that rejuvenated our bodies and souls. The Rotan Manau deep-tissue massage was an experience that combined the healing powers of human touch with local, bamboo massaging tools. Our therapist recommended their KUEM Royal Heritage spa products, a bliss-inducing, century-old jojoba, coconut and ginger-based herbal line, known for its healing and circulation-boosting properties.

Our 18th-floor Park View Junior Suite was elegantly appointed – a 74 sqm / 797 sqft haven with a spectacular view (partially of the Twin Towers), comprising a separate living and sleeping area and a dining table for four. At the Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur, there are five suite categories (on top of five room categories), ours being the ‘smallest’ of all the suites.

On first impression, the décor screamed opulence as we would have expected, with plenty of high gloss and marble. But while the furnishings and finishes are immaculate and decidedly modern, we felt the suite lacked character. Also, unlike elsewhere in the hotel, there was little to no nod to Malaysia’s multiculturalism. The bathroom amenities were L’Occitane branded, which invoked feelings of Provence in France, rather than the hotel’s home. Don’t get us wrong though, our suite was thoroughly pleasant, but it stopped just shy of bowling us over.

This design neutrality is something we’ve noticed is being implemented in several Four Seasons hotels, particularly in the brand’s more recent openings. Yes, this maintains a level of zen and timelessness, not to mention helping the hotels appeal to increasingly diverse tastes, but as travellers, we are craving individuality over cookie-cutter more than ever.

In most of its public spaces and approach to hospitality, the Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur has effectively captured the city’s dynamic, often spicy energy, so it seems a shame that the in-room product comes across as a touch bland.

Photography courtesy of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

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