In the depths of Singapore’s once seedy Chinatown, now the place to be seen and just a short hop, skip and jump from Singapore’s gay nightlife, the New Majestic is a quirky boutique hotel, a real fusion of traditional and modern Singapore style. The owner used the best of the country’s creative talent to develop a truly unique hotel experience; and this is evident from the open-plan lobby (keep your sunglasses on as the bright white colour scheme may dazzle) right through to the individually designed rooms and suites.

If you arrive early, you’re even allowed to have a peek at the selection of available rooms and pick the one you like best – and we guarantee you will be spoilt for choice. The rooms are a little on the small side for the higher-end pricetag by Asian standards, but well thought through with everything that a discerning guest would want. And as compared to the bland hotel-chains of Orchard Road fame, this hotel is something truly special. The real dilemma I guess would be that you’d end up wanting to spend all your time indoors at the Majestic, but I’m sure the calls of streetlife beyond its designer doors will ensure you have a good balance of both – poor you, what a tough choice!