The Scarlett, Singapore

The Scarlet, Singapore

There’s something really sensual about this property. Set in a series of old-world Chinatown heritage shop-houses, it’s less romantic and more sexually charged – and certainly not shy of innuendo. The elegant and distinct design harks back to old-world Singapore as a hedonistic, international mecca – think boudoirs and opium dens, but with mod cons to suit the modern traveller.

One thing that was a little out of place was the aloofness of the staff, something that is uncharacteristic of hotels in this country: however, with this comes great discretion and privacy. Plus it seems the Scarlet is quite the destination of choice for pink-cardcarrying fashionistas.

With a gym called Flaunt, a bar called Bold, and a ‘can’t get closer to the gay scene’ location, we’re not all that surprised.

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