Everyone knows Gangnam, thanks to PSY’s take on life in what is dubbed as the ‘Beverley Hills’ of Seoul. But in lofty heights, occupying the top floors of this all-glass building, the Park Hyatt is delicately positioned – ‘Gangnam Style’, close enough to the action on the streets (and subteranean luxury shopping malls below) and far away enough from the riff-raff – true to the global K-Pop phenomenon’s word. Park Hyatts worldwide are known for their understated luxury and exceptional service – the Park Hyatt Seoul is no different. In one of 180 luxurious rooms with sprawling views (ours in direct line with the soon to be finished Lotte World Tower), our stay featured amazing service, ultimate comfort and clever design (grotto-like bathrooms), although the antiques that flanked the corridors were a touch creepy – but a swim in the 24th floor, indoor infinity pool will melt any concerns you may have away.