Prada Re-Nylon bag
Photography courtesy of Prada

It came from beneath the sea

Do we ever feel like a plastic bag, you ask? Why yes, of course! Though mind you, we’re a Prada.

More precisely, we like to think of ourselves as one of the Italian fashion house’s brand-new Re-Nylon bags, an eco-friendly upgrade to the brand’s iconic, black nylon line that has ‘90s flair written all over it. Made from Econyl, an Aquafil-produced fabric composed of plastics and fishing nets collected from the ocean, the bags can be recycled indefinitely, which, considering the ever-changing nature of fashion, goes down as a real benefit in our books.

Prada is releasing a total of six unisex Re-Nylon travel accessories you’ll soon be seeing strapped to the backs or hanging off the shoulders of everyone who likes to travel consciously and in style (we’ll be premiering our weekender duffle on a trip to France, if you must know). Need more variety for that full-on Prada look? You won’t have to wait long: the luxury label’s entire nylon range will be made from Econyl by the end of 2021. That’s one trend we’ll gladly follow.

Photography courtesy of Prada