Aman Tokyo

Aman Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan


The Aman Tokyo is quite possibly among the best urban hotels that we have ever stayed in. We knew that Japanese hospitality with an Aman touch would be hard to rival, but the hotel and its staff took our stay to a new level of perfection. We’re not often ones to write gushing reviews, but you’ll find this one sings its praises. Where do we begin? Well, perhaps the majestic design of the lobby is a good place to start, with a giant bonsai-like tree (a contradiction, we know – but wait until you see it) set in a still pond, in a serene atrium. Looking up, it seems like an infinite portal to the heavens.

Ascending to its lofty heights and leaving the heart of the city beating fast below, the Aman Tokyo is a sanctuary of serenity and grace. The journey begins in the soaring lobby, a serene oasis adorned with ikebana arrangements and illuminated by soft, ambient light. Here, traditional Japanese design elements merge seamlessly with contemporary aesthetics, creating an atmosphere that is both captivating and calming. The public spaces of the Aman Tokyo are modelled on engawa (wooden passages between rooms in traditional houses) and walking through the beautifully lit spaces made us feel like members of the Japanese imperial family. Yet despite its sense of place, it’s decisively urban, futuristic, brutalist almost – the hotel designer successfully embellished both. The product is a masterclass in architectural fusion.

Our one-bedroom corner suite just blew us away – grandiose and exceptionally large for the city, boasting beautiful, minimalist design features in light wood and a wrap-around view of Tokyo. It’s everything we’d want from a modern, luxury apartment and more, but much like the communal spaces of the hotel mixed old and new, our room did too – giving the feel of a contemporary, designer ryokan. Each space was a symphony of understated luxury, which invited us to unwind and immerse ourselves in the city’s vibrant energy from a place of quiet repose. The highlight? Our in-suite wetroom Japanese sentō/bathhouse (with a spellbinding view).

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Otemachi, once known as the old village of Shibazaki, is where the hotel is located in the oldest part of the city. It’s hard to tell, considering its bright lights and skyscraper skyline today. Our hot tip is to palace-hop, from yours at the Aman Tokyo to the Imperial Palace that’s home to the Japanese Emperor. The real estate trivia here is that it is the most expensive square kilometre of land in the world. Check with the concierge when the palace is open to the public because it isn’t always. But make sure you pay a visit, seeing you’re just there.

The attention to detail in service is stand-out too. There were plenty of surprises from the polite and diligent staff and each night, beautiful, delicately prepared gifts were delivered in the form of sweet treats in wooden boxes. It feels nice to be loved.

Breakfast was epic, we dined on an elaborate and beautifully prepared, traditional Japanese breakfast each day. On our last day at the hotel, Mount Fuji came into the infinite view to bid us goodbye. The Italian-Japanese fusion dinner at Arva was also good, but the dinner we had to write home about was at Musashi, where Edomae-style sushi is served as Omakase (chef’s tasting selection).

And while there’s a lot to praise at the Aman Tokyo, the crowning glory comes in its jaw-dropping 34th-floor pool space. The spa at Aman Tokyo is a haven of holistic wellness, where ancient Japanese healing techniques are combined with modern therapies to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. Here, we indulged in therapeutic treatments inspired by the changing seasons, drawing upon the healing power of natural ingredients and ancient rituals.

The Aman Tokyo is a destination in itself, the challenge was that it was hard to leave the hotel to explore the delights of the city beyond. Take it from us, we found ourselves staying in alot. Luckily it wasn’t our first time in the city!

Photography courtesy of Aman Resorts

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