What’s in a name? In this case, everything. Amanyara means ‘a peaceful place,’ and this resort is one that takes luxury escapism seriously. Providenciales is already a huge down-pace from our everyday lives, so you can only imagine the tranquillity of Amanyara’s location, on the farthest, Northwestern point of the island. Our Ocean Pavilion was perched up above a windswept, rugged and rocky natural stairway that led down to an impossibly turquoise sea. We really felt like we had left the world behind; there wasn’t much reason to venture out of our gorgeous teak structured, glass-walled, romantic cocoon. The champagne on ice amenity shouted a clear ‘drink me’ and when we were done with that, we raided the complimentary minibar (a highlight being the locally brewed craft beers) which were thankfully replenished daily. We ordered breakfast to be delivered to our room each morning, sunbathed in the afternoon, watched the fiery sunset over the horizon at dusk and stargazed at night, all from the privacy of our villa. It really was the perfect honeymoon hideaway. Our candlelit, private dining experience at twilight in a charming beachside cove was executed perfectly.

Throughout the resort, the staff were clearly trained to be there when we needed them, but not seen when we didn’t; although there was the odd occasion, particularly at lunchtime, where it was hard to catch a server’s attention. But even as we took the complimentary afternoon tea in the marvellous rotunda bar, or as we lazed under a teak cabana by the volcanic-rock swimming pool, or as we ambled down to the white-sand beach, or rode our bikes around the resort, other guests were well hidden. In fact, for the more sociable traveller, the Amanyara may offer too large a dose of quiet. After a few days of keeping ourselves to ourselves, we started to take advantage of the resort’s communal facilities: the sublime spa, an early morning yoga class and paddle-boarding lessons on the beach. We also dined at the Japanese and Caribbean restaurants, which while perfectly adequate, may actually fail to surprise guests night after night.

Get Out There

Like a lot of paradise island escapes where tourism is the mainstay, there’s not a lot by way of local culture, but if you are itching to get off-resort, head for the Thursday Fish Fry for live music, fab food and fun times.

Northwest Point, TKCA 1ZZ, Turks & Caicos Islands