Iceland is on everyone’s hotlist at the moment, with its borders open and wide open landscapes and spaces taunting those in search of an escape to visit. The #Experientialist has been talking to the adventure company Eleven Experience and has the inside track on their most unique property, the remote Icelandic lodge, Deplar Farm. It is a sublime party-pad for a blow-out, post pandemic celebration, a Nordic-inspired lodge that can sleep up to 26 guests, located on the breathtaking Troll Peninsula (yes, you read that right – it’s Iceland!).

Adventurers will have access to some 1,500 square miles of untouched mountain terrain and an exhilarating selection of outdoor pursuits, including heli-skiing (from just outside, in-fact as the property has two heli-pads), sea kayaking, whale watching in the fjords and astro-touring. All are available at the hands of the company’s expert guides, you need to just ask.

The property at Deplar Farm comes with an in-house mixologist (yea, we were sold just on this) and a private chef who will cook up Icelandic delicacies, and pizza if you rather. And after a day of getting out into the wild, you can enjoy the lodge’s extensive wellness habitat, complete with floatation tanks and heated pools with temperature-controlled waters from a nearby thermal spring. While we’re sure you want to get out there as soon as you can, winter brings on a magical quality at Deplar Farm, as it is surrounded by 3,000 foot high, snow-dusted mountains that will make your Instagram followers green with envy. So think about a year end treat too.

If Iceland in the summer still sends a shiver down your spine, then fear not, Eleven has similar experiences in wholly different locations – from the Bahamas, to Patagonia, to New Zealand. Just take your pick. (No icy pun intended).

Photography courtesy of Eleven Experience