At OutThere we have always believed in boundless travel and the power of positivity, inspiration and dreams. So at this time more than ever, it is important to let your minds continue to ‘travel’. Take time to stimulate your senses, it connects us to the outside world and makes our everyday lives more enjoyable. Seek out stories that are transformative, mind-expanding and meaningful. Set your mind on a journey of discovery and throw closed borders wide open again with endless opportunities. Continue to be part of the OutThere world, it may seem out of reach, but take comfort in knowing; and helping ensure, that it’s just for now.

The natural landscape around us won’t change much, but maybe we can. That way, when this is all over, we’ll come back to a better world, a more open world. There are amazing days to come, we’re sure of it.

You’re OutThere. And because we are too, we’re here with you every step of the way.

Our #KeepYourMindVideo was produced entirely with OutThere archive material and narrated while sheltering in place. 

Photography by Simon Matzinger / Unsplash

Watch the video below.

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