So we all know that Paris is synonymous with Style. It’s one of the undisputed centres of the fashion industry, and has a fine art pedigree that can be challenged by very few other cities, with its old world European grandeur, matched only by its stylish urban modernity. The La Maison de Champs Élysées is, as the name suggests, positioned right off the most famous boulevard in the city, not to mention the world. It’s part of Paris’s ‘Golden Triangle’ and as such, it fits into the strict and very beautiful 19th century architectural rules set down by Napoleon. Yet, once you step inside, modern Paris hits you right between the eyes. After all, it was recently remodelled by none other than the darling of the Fashion world Martin Margiela (his first interior project). We found it playful, whimsical, quirky and sophisticated – deconstructing standard proportions with beautiful lashings of monochrome and design features throughout the property that we couldn’t take our eyes off. With just 57 intimate rooms and attentive, polished service that was almost elegant, we felt very special indeed. A fitting tribute to what was once the home of the Duchess of Rivoli.