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Le Comptoir Général
Paris, France

Who would argue about fashion with the French? Paris’ young creatives reside around the Canal-Saint Martin, where a certain Bohemian chic permeates their style.

01 (left)Cognac leather bomber jacket: Dacute
Asymmetrical t-shirt: Ekam / Jerez
High-waisted pants in viscose linen and cotton: Christophe Lemaire
Strap sandals: Tillmann Lauterbach
Cashmere stole: Angelico
01 (right)Hairnet striped jersey: Jean Paul Gaultier
Black and white graphic woven trousers: Études
Socks: Chaîne et Trame
Trainers: House of Montague
02 (left)Marine stripe button classic trousers: Tillmann Lauterbach
Long-sleeved knitted top: Roberto Collina
Blue and orange scarf: Mermi
02 (right)Big sweat polo with knitted collar in silver strobe jacquard jersey: John Galliano
Grey fleece pants with leather insert: Avelon
03 (left)White striped V-neck sleeveless vest and cotton trousers: 22/4
Strap sandals: Tillmann Lauterbach
03 (right)Blue long sleeve polo shirt: Roberto Collina
Gold printed black knitted top: Nuur
Cotton Bermuda short: From Britten
Trainers: House of Montague
04 (left)Graphic printed cotton shirt: Laurence Airline
Grey roll-neck sweater: Icosphere
Zipped front over pants in blue cavalry twill cotton: John Galliano
Trainers: House of Montague
Socks: Chaîne et Trame
04 (right)Terracotta lambskin jacket: Carven
Blue printed cotton trousers: Renoma
Strap sandals: Tillmann Lauterbach

Photography: Halldora & Bryan

Styling: Haruka Suzuki

Models: Axel at City Models and Kirikoo at Rock Men

Photography assistance: Laurent & Remi

Stylist assistance: Salina Haya

Shot on location at Le Comptoir Général, Paris, France