Nizuc Resort & Spa:
Work out with our two Arturs

No, there’s no confusion, you didn’t hear Arthur and Martha. At the Mexican luxury resort NIZUC (read our review of the resort here), they’re all about Artur and Artur! And since it’s Cinco de Mayo, we are thrilled to tell you that this Cancun hideaway is offering up a treat, in fact, two! You will already know of Artur Zolkiewicz the celebrity fitness guru. We’ve talked about him before when he was coach in residence last year at NIZUC, and noted that so many of you just couldn’t resist taking a peek at what he had to offer; and some of you were even interested in the exercises! Well, Artur is back, and with him is Artur Paulins – the internationally renowned breathwork and mindfulness coach who has filmed some breathing practices intended to bring calm, stillness, inner strength and contentment. Can’t think of a better way to #KeepYourMindTravelling!

Mr. Z will be returning to be in residence at the resort later this year, but until we can all be together again in this little corner of paradise, he has filmed an introductory warm-up and three exercise circuits for NIZUC guests to try at home.  But if you’re inclined to interact with him live, he will be hosting a live class on NIZUC’s Instagram page at 6pm BST on 11 May. Mr. P will then lead a virtual mindful breathing class at 6pm BST on 25 May.  

Follow NIZUC’s Instagram, already! Trust us, you’re going to like what you see.

Artur Paulins and Artur Zoliewicz for NIZUC