There are few better ways to escape the hectic milieu of modern life and bring your blood pressure down a few points than to take a sedate luxury break on the ‘Road To Mandalay’ – one of two luxurious Belmond river cruisers that grace the rivers of rural Myanmar. This majestic, elegant, floating five-star hotel is something of a celebrity in its own right and draws attention and admiration from people as it passes. I even spotted of a group of young Buddhist monks on a motor boat taking photos of it on their camera phones. It effortlessly traverses miles of unspoilt countryside, stopping for some very special excursions along the way. After three days on board sampling the healthy and delicious offerings from the talented chef’s kitchen, lounging in the pool and soaking up the sun on deck, occasionally disembarking to visit some of the many delights of the region’s rich cultural history, I was fully recharged and ready to face the world again.–to–mandalay– myanmar/journeys