Paris, France
Photography by Encrier

La Reserve:
The essence of Paris

This intimate five-star hotel lends a new meaning to the essence of Paris by giving its guests the opportunity to walk away with their very own, custom-made designer fragrance.

Paris conjures up many beautiful images for us, as one of the most sensual cities in the world. But at La Réserve Hotel & Spa, it was our sense of smell that was stimulated. Not only did the luxury hotel pump its handmade, signature scent into our lavish quarters throughout our stay, but we also created our own bespoke fragrance to take home as a souvenir. They call it ‘Haute Parfumerie’ and with the help of a ‘nose’ (a professional perfume expert) we composed the ultimate scent based on our favourite personal memories and smells, plus a reminder of our time in Paris. Ours was based in pipe tobacco, with hints of sandalwood, topped off with notes of champagne – after all, we imbibed many a glass while in the French capital.