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We’re thrilled that our friends at Scott Dunn have launched Scott Dunn Private, an exclusive ‘invitation only’ membership platform for discerning travellers (that’s us!). The new service provides unparalleled, insider access to unusual and unobtainable experiences, curated by a team of Personal Travel Advisors. With so much uncertainty around ski-season this year and bookings on fire already for 2021/22, we asked for the inside track for OutThere travellers for next season and beyond. What they came back with blew our minds.

We’re sad that we couldn’t get out to our favourite resort in France this year. I’m sure many OutThere winter-sports lovers will be feeling the same at the moment. So perhaps it’s time to think about next season. While it seems awhile away, audience insight is telling us people are already starting to look at 21/22 and dreaming big. And while you’re at it, perhaps like us you’ll be keen to try something a little different. It could be something that’s off the beaten piste, or somewhere that you’ve not yet heard of, or even a little trade-secret thats ‘for members only’ in a ski resort that you have. If it’s the latter – or all three for that matter – Scott Dunn Private can help.

The new membership platform by the brand that champions exceptional travel offers OutThere travellers the opportunity to access their team’s world-class contacts, meticulously built up over many years to ensure unrivalled encounters and experiences. In addition, their new Limitless Collection unveils the world’s most incredible properties; in this case, some of the most remote ski chalets.

For us, they recommended going (or staying) Stateside – they must have sensed our relief for a whole new government there – as no doubt there will be a renewed appreciation for the USA among OutThere travellers in times to come. They’d check us into the magnificent Sheldon Chalet, Alaska; set within five acres of wholly private land, boasting incredible views of Mount Denali and its jaw-dropping glacial landscape. Scott Dunn’s Personal Travel Advisors can put together the ultimate winter-sports adventure, including one of the world’s top heli-ski experiences. There’s a whole new world of glacial-trekking to be had too, for ardent adventurers. By special arrangement with some well-connected locals, they’ll also immerse us in Alaskan culture and tradition – not to mention eat some fresh, regionally-sourced cuisine prepared by a top-tier private chef – while watching the Northern Lights do their spectacular dance. And should we need to thaw out; they can even incorporate a bit of beach (and reconnection to WiFi) time in Hawaii at the end (yes, please!)

Alternatively and as we’re making up for lost-time, we can also undertake one of Scott Dunn Private’s epic ski adventures, that usually takes in an OutThere favourite in the USA – Aspen – included. Long a mecca for OutThere travellers thanks to its infamous gay ski week, Aspen can be part of the bespoke itinerary. The snow-sport-lovers’ fantasy, this trip usually goes to five countries in three continents, including some of the world’s most lauded resorts – Zermatt, Niseko, Whistler, British Columbia Heli-Ski, Aspen and Iceland.

But for us, beyond the epic adventuring and exquisite basecamps, it’s the discretion, privacy and an exquisitely tailored service guaranteed that floats our boat. Scott Dunn Private just gets it. Ski is only a part of it, the platform seeks to look after as much of your travel needs as you want. With their deep understanding of the value of travel, the team gets to know each and every one of their high-net-worth guests to ensure that their needs are met to the highest of standards, promising to elevate an ordinary trip into something truly extraordinary.

Photography courtesy of Sheldon Chalet

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