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UnCruise Adventures:
Small is mighty


Be immersed in exploration and escapism on an UnCruise Adventures small group adventure, providing unparalleled personalised, all-inclusive service and expertise in Alaska and beyond.

Many UnCruise Adventures guests thought they would never “take a cruise.” We will be the first to admit that we were once like that. Las Vegas-style shows? Formal dress codes? Big bus tours? No thanks!

We’re the sort of travellers who want to really get under the skin of the places that we visit. We want to experience the world first-hand and go places where others can’t easily see, or other ships can’t easily reach.

UnCruise Adventures isn’t ‘a cruise.’ Perhaps the name gives it away. Their trips are adventures. They help their guests explore the world, hands-on and at ground level.

America’s National Parks are awesome places to visit, but you’ll never really see them if you drive just through. UnCruise offers deep dives (literally, if you like) into the vast wilderness aboard their small ship adventures. ‘Bushwhack’ through National Parks and National Wilderness Areas. Hike the Tongass that is still road-free. Get truly at one with nature mud up to your calves and moss in your hair. Forget renting a canoe by the hour. Yak-and-Whack on an all-day kayak and bushwhacking hiking adventure that will leave you ready for a cocktail and the hot tub when you get back.

And that cocktail and cuisine you’ll have onboard are local and gourmet. Three courses, with land, sea, and vegetarian options … not to mention a pastry chef to fill that special but of your stomach that you leave room for, for desert. And there’s always an open bar, with bartenders that can whip up mocktails as well. And remember, you’ll never have to dress up for dinner. UnCruise is no fuss, no muss!

You can rest assured that every little bit of the trip is taken care of and all included. UnCruise’s fare includes unlimited food and beverage, free activities every day and free transfers. And that’s not all that’s free. It’s guaranteed that your UnCruise holiday will also be free from worries, free from any internet interruptions and free to breathe clean air again.

Along with the “extras” you won’t be spending during the week, there are the life-changing things that you’ll gain: like-minded friends from all over the country and the world, a sense of camaraderie, and the courage to push yourself and learn new things. Plus, the UnCruise team are far more than shipmates, they are encouragers, teachers and community.

But moreover, you’ll see some amazing things: the sights of the glaciers that are rapidly retreating from America’s great National Parks. Eagles, bears, and moose in their natural habitat. And Alaska is one of the last great places to see them in their natural habitat.

Small ship cruising with UnCruise is a vacation you’ll remember forever. Granted it’s not for everyone. But we bet it’s for you.


This article is in partnership with UnCruise Adventures.


Photography courtesy of UnCruise Adventures.

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