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Scottish island escapes:
Take to the Skye


Scotland’s now fashionable Scandi-Gaelic allure beckons OutThere travellers who are looking for a long pour of its rich cultural heritage and outward bound experiences in spellbinding, almost Nordic nature. Plus no Scottish escapade would be complete without a wee dram chaser (alright, you have us … it’s more like a bottle-full) of escapism (and luxurious creature comforts, no less), this summer. If like us you’re thinking of getting as far away from it all as possible, then you’re not going to go wrong on the Scottish island of Skye.

Ever since we visited Skye we’ve been hooked by its great outdoors, unique culture and world-away Scottish island atmosphere. It feels like travelling to another country (well, factually, it is) – but Skye feels much more like Iceland than it does the United Kingdom, with its craggy sea-cliffs and sawtooth mountains reflected in the crystal clear waters of its lochs and the North Sea.

The Nordic links are apparent – though proud locals may have long tried to deny it – the name of this Scottish island is actually derived from Old Norse, meaning “cloud island”. But it seems today’s Scotland is far more embracing of their Viking roots than ever before, considering the number of eyecatching contemporary properties we see keen to promote a Scandi-interior-meets-Scottish-hospitality fusion.

The best news of all is that it is all within easy-(ier) reach, especially with Scotland’s government’s plans to reopen the country’s mainland to domestic tourism on the 26th April, with a suggestion that its island outposts will do so soon after. With endless nature, Skye is sure to be a popular choice for post-pandemic staycationers, but fear not, there are plenty of nooks to hide away in, not to mention stunning properties to abscond to.

The Three Chimneys

A stunning restaurant with rooms, this remote, cute, culinary cottage is the talk of all of Scotland. With just six bedrooms set in the House-Over-By and its extraordinary views of Loch Dunvegan, this is a getaway that sums up the very best of what this wee Scottish island offers. Don’t be fooled by the name of the loch, while vegan eats are on the menu, this place is all about making the most of local flavours, in an honest, down-to-earth way. Diners and overnighters will undoubtedly stare out over the sandy beach and the water, where wildlife like seals can be seen basking.

Photography courtesy of The Three Chimneys

The Cottage Stein

This bed and breakfast is set in the charming, conservation village of Stein on the picturesque Waternish peninsula, just a couple of minutes walk away from the acclaimed Stein Inn and award-winning Loch Bay Restaurant. Its chic and contemporary architecture is matched with a homely charm that is characteristic of an old Skye cottage, complete with uninterrupted sea views, gorgeous warm sunsets and boundless starry night skies.

It’s a place for Skye explorers that are in-the-know, with just two bedrooms that both look out to sea. Breakfast is served in the house’s dining room and intimate Scottish hospitality is always at hand. Holidaying here must feel like coming home, or staying with family. Plus the owners will give you the inside track on what best to explore on the Scottish island.

Photography courtesy of The Cottage Stein

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