First by air, then by air again (or train if you’ve got a day to waste), then by car through a sea of motorcycles, then a boat, a golf cart and a short hike. Luxury doesn’t get further ‘off the beaten track’ than this.

Nestled in breathtaking rock-formations on ‘fantasy island’ (I kid you not, we’re talking a white sand bay, overlooking the South China Sea, with towering mountains as a backdrop) sits the Vietnamese diamond in the Six Senses family jewels.

A series of sandy lanes, oil-lamp flanked rock stairs and boardwalks connect 58 large, exquisite villas, each with Six Senses’ trademark private dipping pool, day-house, open plan bathroom and outdoor shower, carved into the rocks. Plus, each villa comes with its own butler to cater to your every whim. Our chap had clearly done the ‘big reveal’ before, as he whizzed around the villa, flung the sliding doors open and welcomed us like an over-eager ring-master. Throughout our stay, he was an amazing host, but as our plan was to completely relax, we weren’t tough customers.

What you notice almost instantly is the tranquility. The ‘mainland’ on Nha Trang, although a resort, is a working town and with that comes some true Vietnamese hustle and bustle. But this place, with no cars or service vehicles (just electric buggies and bicycles) is pure bliss; and because other guests tend to chill at their villas, you really feel that you’ve got the whole peninsula (I found out 2 days in that we weren’t on an island) to yourself, although the hotel’s dining room and bar are quite buzzy – the antidote being private dining on various spots on the island. And if it isn’t relaxed enough for you, there’s a magical spa too.

If you’re worried that you’ll get stared at, don’t. Our gaydars were going off in the restaurant, we were one of at least three gay/lesbian couples and our butler wasn’t even remotely fussed, plus he even mentioned that we could get married on the resort if we wanted. Yes, Vietnam has never had any sodomy laws, so being gay is not and has never been illegal in this beautiful country.