Aerial view of Rosewood Schloss Fuschl, Austria, one of 2024's most exciting new resorts

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New remote hideaways to escape to in 2024


Omne Trium Perfectum. As we’ve only just about mastered Cockney, it’s lucky somebody informed us this Latin expression translates to ‘everything that is three is perfect’. Nowhere is this more evident than in a trio of very different, ultra-sumptuous new resorts set to open in 2024: Rosewood Schloss Fuschl in Austria, Sri Lanka’s Kotiyagala Luxury Villas, and one of the most hotly anticipated openings in the Maldives in years (and that says a lot), Soneva Secret.

Thinking of staying at a resort this year? Course you are. So are we – but in 2024, the question of where to stay has become ever more relevant, as a ‘typical resort holiday’ no longer exists. Gone are the days when the term resort itself suggested Southeast Asian beaches or tiny island nations in the South Pacific. These days, luxury travellers might be visiting Himalayan hideaways for wellness retreats, or finding refuge in private villas built right into the dense rainforests of South America. In short, a resort holiday can take place in a range of different natural environs – alpine, lakeside, woodland. That’s not to say the classic beach and crystal-clear waters combination is outdated by any means. At OutThere, we’re eyeing three particularly exciting openings set across a range of environments in 2024.

Kotiyagala Luxury Villas, Sri Lanka

If the mighty Tarzan really was swinging about in a loincloth in the jungle (something we love to do after the odd tipple), there’s no doubt he’d go completely ape for this place. Why? Because, oriented above the forest canopy in the alluring region of Yala, this eco-friendly retreat offers vacationers one of the most unique experiences on the planet. Indeed, as the various super-plush living quarters are perched at 3.5 metres and have enchanting, elevated pathways, occupants will feel as if they’ve stumbled onto the set of a Disney movie. And such a fabulous location ensures there’s a real-life cast of amazing animals literally outside of your window – orange-breasted green pigeons, toque macaques, lesser whistling ducks, etc (all of which are as impressive as the fictional ones in the aforementioned films, if not more so!). Lastly, concerning the splendid amenities, depending on whether guests opt for a one-, two- or three-bedroom, these number en suite bathrooms with rain showers, a private deck and swimming pool, and 55-inch HDTVs… not that you’ll be looking at the screen a lot.

Renderings courtesy of Kotiyagala

Rosewood Schloss Fuschl, Austria

Aerial view of Rosewood Schloss Fuschl, Austria, one of 2024's most exciting new resorts
Lakeside living: among this year’s most hotly anticipated new resorts, Rosewood Schloss Fuschl is set to breathe new life into this part of Austria.

Do you believe in fairytales? If not, a sojourn in this mesmerising locale may just change your mind. Positioned on the banks of the eponymous idyllic lake, in the middle of a mass of magical mountains and a swathe of forest, the fantastic Rosewood Schloss Fuschl promises to be dreamlike once it opens. The 15th-century-built manor house was originally used as a country haunt for Austrian royalty, before being turned into a hotel space in 1954 – discerning travellers such as film stars and foreign dignitaries have frequently stayed. Quite recently, this edifice has been painstakingly restored by Rosewood, using sustainable methods, in a way that has preserved its grandeur and glorious heritage but also resulted in a dynamic modernisation. The refashioned structure will feature 98 guestrooms, including 46 suites and six chalets, top-notch eateries, a fitness centre, and an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. Yet, there’s more music to one’s ears in every sense with an opportunity to do a stupendous day trip to Salzburg, the pristine, pretty town where Mozart was born is approximately a 20-minute drive away.

Photography courtesy of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

Soneva Secret, Maldives

What’s not to adore about stretches of soft underfoot sand, tranquil turquoise waters, and balmy temperatures? Well, they’re just a small taste of the enticing conditions that’ll be available at Soneva’s exciting new resort in the Maldives. As it’s the first type of any accommodation in the remote Haa Dhaalu Atoll, seclusion and privacy are assured, especially as a couple of the differently sized 14 des reses (up to 1,158 sqm/12,465 sqft) are only going to be accessible by boat. And boy, these overwater and island villas reinvent the term bespoke, because each one has a dedicated trio who’ll attend to every need – a Barefoot Guardian, an Assistant, and a Chef (all hail from separate nations and bring excellent knowledge of their local cuisine). In our view, something else bound to mark this uber-haven by the legendary Soneva brand out is the range of unparalleled activities: snorkel along with sea turtles and some of the ocean’s most docile giants, manta rays; revel in a curated selection of wellness delights, and gaze at the awe-inspiring wonder of the heavens in an onsite, state-of-the-art observatory. Mark our words, this is soon to be a place where anyone visiting will truly want to be a permanent castaway!

Photography and renderings courtesy of Soneva

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