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Plunge into the new year in Alaska

Have you heard? It’s set to be all the rage for 2020 – this so called “UnCruise-ing.” Frankly, we’re not suprised. With over 20 years of exploring Alaska, nobody knows it better than UnCruise. Their captains and crew navigate its waterways and inlets as easily as walking the halls of their own ship, and they are always on the lookout to help fellow adventurers create unique memories. The beauty of a small ship is that it’s almost as if it is all yours. So if you spot a bear foraging for salmon on the shore, the captain can swing back around so you can get a better look. Explore nature’s playgrounds – places so tucked away that UnCruise’s cosy boats fit right in – offering the richest, wildest connections by hike and paddle, or if you’re up for it, by taking part in their infamous ‘polar plunge’.

There’s a choice of 7 & 14 night excursions, from April to September, so there’s no excuse not to UnCruise in Alaska next year. 

*This article is in partnership with UnCruise.