Cunard Queen Mary 2 in NYC, New York City, USA

A journey in time


Fancy yourself a week away from the everyday? A luxury cruise certainly does the trick for us, offering a great escape with the flair of the past. If, however, it’s your own past you’re looking to explore, one cruise operator has just the right adventure up their sleeve this August.

The legendary Queen Mary 2, the world’s only true ocean liner and arguably the jewel in Cunard’s crown, is inviting voyagers to experience a truly remarkable and uninterrupted, week-long Atlantic crossing in 2020 – though the sea isn’t what you’ll be focusing on. Rather, the Journey of Genealogy is a journey inwards, giving passengers the unique opportunity to untangle their DNA and trace back their origins through time and land. It’s a must for those interested in ancestry as well as anyone sensing blue blood somewhere down their bloodline.

The cruise through time is in collaboration with Ancestry, the largest online family history resource in the world, and it doesn’t end at your own genes. To commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower voyage, Ancestry’s very own experts will be holding themed talks on the English vessel, which carried the pilgrims – and their genes – over into the New World in 1620.

What, genealogy isn’t your thing but an experiential ocean crossing aboard the Queen Mary 2 is? Fret not, for Cunard is offering a multitude of other itineraries throughout the year: from the Festival of Food & Wine with Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux Jr. in June to October’s World Space Week, which will see voyagers in conversation with women working in the field of space travel – we’d say on-board entertainment beats that of the Mayflower.

Photography courtesy of Cunard

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