Virgin Hotel Chicago

Virgin Hotel
Chicago, Illinois, USA


Hospitality moguls Virgin have extended their international clubhouse concept to Chicago with this buzzy, urban-cool property – no mean feat when you’re dealing with century-old, downtown Chicago signature architecture. Our ‘chamber’ really planted us in the heart of Chicago, with views overlooking the Loop. Minimalist, with bright splashes of colour, our sleep and play space was comfortable and arguably fun, although we weren’t huge fans of the open-plan vanity area that we had to walk through every time we wanted to get to the ‘sleeping lounge’ or to head out.

The rest of the hotel continued the playful brand that Virgin has come to be known for; bright, pillar-box red doors and carpets (our front door came complete with ceramic sentry dog), social-hub bar and kitchen, retro toys and Pop Art. With sociality being the theme, the hotel’s staff were always on hand to share their favourite things to do in the city.

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