Welcome to Stockholm:
The open city


There is no secret about my love for the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Throughout 2018 the city are inviting people from all around the world (and OutThere travellers like us) to experience their openness as a city.

To do just that, they have issued an open letter from an open city. It goes something like this, but if reading is not your thing, watch this video.

“We are welcoming people we admire, those we can’t understand, the friendly, the disorderly and the well-behaved.

In short: We are inviting lovers, haters, and hesitators to come and visit. This is one of many ways we say welcome, no matter who you are. Welcome to Stockholm!

This is an open invitation to lovers, haters and hesitators. I don’t know who you are, where you came from, who you voted for, what your family name implies, if you’re a rebel or a conservative. I don’t know who you love, what you just can’t stand, if you’re rich, poor or somewhat in between. If you’re a man, woman or somewhat in between. I don’t even know how you feel about me. If you love me, hate me or if you haven’t made up your mind. You are welcome anyhow, just as you are, with your dreams, beliefs, doubts, and preconceptions. Cause this is what I’m made of. Openness. The idea that everything should be accessible to everyone. That no-one should be excluded or left behind. It’s in every heartbeat; the constant aspiration to challenge the existing in order to find new, better ways. So I ask myself: What does democratic design look like? How do we make sustainable fashion? What will food taste like for future generations? Could music be made available in new ways? What does it take to make nature truly accessible for each and every one? I don’t know who you are, but I would love to get to know you better. I’m fueled by new ideas and influences from around the world. So why don’t you come visit me soon? Consider this as your open invitation, you are always welcome here.”

Yours sincerely, Stockholm – The Open City

*This article is in partnership with Visit Stockholm and Stockholm LGBT

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